Touched Art of Sensual Massage

A candle loses nothing by lighting another- it burns eternally bright


ose yourself, and possibly experience a full body release into orgasm (yet that is secondary). Be Infused to a deeper realm of pleasure by the power of touch, a powerful facilitation of energy healing, clearing blocks, Kundalini activation and TOUCHED sensual massage. This is a magical heart opening pleasurable lifetime experience. This is other worldly, more powerful than Reiki and even as a Reiki Master, once this energy healing was experienced i’ve never practiced reiki again. 

I am guided to assist with men and women working through sexual trauma, and deepening the intimate connection with their own soul via touch. For many touch has been forgotten, with an inability to orgasm, to become aroused, and these healing sessions allow an opening into safe surrendering.  A gift of touch and healing, shifting and releasing energetic, energetic,emotional and timeline blocks for men, women and couples. For men this may translate to learning to relating in a more heart centred way, as it opens their hearts to express with clarity.  Many clients cry (an energy release) during this type of treatment, as they have never truly felt soul to soul connection. This is soul healing as the soul is sensual in nature. 

  • Release sexual trauma and emotional blocks
  • Honour grief and build trust
  • Dissolves self-loathing towards body
  • Learn to trust and feel again- freedom from numbness
  • Release breast trauma – Breast augmentation/Mastectomy
  • Awaken and honouring the layers of the mystical Yoni (Vulva, clitoris and Vagina).
  • Guiding men how to shift the energy to deepen connection of the heart via the Lingam – Penis)
  • Raise inner vibration and consciousness via the Kundalini energy.
  • Permission to receive touch.
  • Awakening ability to express with courage
  • Healing heartache and forgiveness.
  • Reclaiming your power as a King or Queen.
  • Dissolving shame, guilt and blame.
  • Receiving healing touch. 
  • Opening into deeper pleasure states- full bodied orgasm.

And much more healing that transpires ….


Yoni & Lingam massage $222/75 mins 

When booking in 3 separate sessions, Total $600

These are done in person in Sydney, Australia. Follow the booking system for availability and to book your healing sensual massage session. 


“Zoe pours gasoline onto the flames of passion, so that the flame within burns brightly, never dimming again” 

Ready to ignite the flame within?

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