The Truth of a Muse and Maverick


A Maverick is a fearless soul that has carved his/her path out, a non-conventional journey and unless another maverick, it may be viewed as too risky, yet within their presence, others are inspired. Inspired to take leaps of faith into action, and a relentless passion in the pursuit of success. They never give up. They may have all the range of emotions, wild to composed within a heartbeat, and the rebels that challenged the edges getting kicked out of class/school.


 The Muse is a constant source of creative inspiration, that stokes others inner fire of creative expression. Orchestrated with an interweaving of verse with eloquent ease, shifting the mundane into epic poetry, that touches the heart & soul. Play writers. film makers and artists of all types are attracted to the muse, with them around creativity never dries up. With many an artist or actor also being the muse. 


 This soul is free spirited, has explored the darkness of life, has overcome many ordeals that many can never fathom, stepped into their truth of their heart, no matter the cost. Has learnt lessons many have never witnessed and is willing and courageous to walk a unique path. They will never settle for mediocrity, the safe bet, they will grab life by the horns. 


The maverick/muse is magnetic, there is something about them that draws you in and when you leave you are wanting more. This is not something you learn from book, or from a PHD, a Degree with hours behind a desk, this is from the raw hard knocks of life, the lessons learnt form raising the bar. Their path is raw and unique, and can shift a full 180, that can make others giddy or sick. Good luck with keeping up, as they navigate change as if its a walk in the park.


The Maverick has inner wisdom, something that intellect is curious off, and yet cannot completely understand as they do not belong in a box. Like bees to honey they are drawn to the heart-wrenching rawness, an invisible substance draws them in. It is hard not to walk away inspired after absorbing into the essence of the maverick/muse. Many are amused by her realness, intrigued by the vulnerable essence and sensual magnetism, as the roar is unleashed. Some may seek the mystery and never full understand the depths to be explored. This soul never holds back and dives deep into each situation, there is no ½ effort, it is all or nothing and nothing in-between full force. Full force or rest, no lame assed pace! At times they will observe from afar, resetting the tone, clear on their path, you will find them apart from the crowd, or bang in the middle of the party in full swing. There is no in-between.


Falling into the depths of love comes naturally, yet if there is a hidden agenda, instinct will kick in and dig it up, and ironing it out, is a fine art to admire. If it is felt, others will feel the withdraw of her energy as she retreats into seclusion. This soul is passionate, driven by purpose and living the highest version of self, relentless in the pursuit of success. She is far from perfect, and what past is past, as she will never look back. This soul will retreat into the depths of the dark, away from the masses and absorb into the inner work, to nourish the body-mind and spirit. This soul is comfortable in the state of aloneness, where new ideas are birthed, and energy re-sparked from those that have consciously and unconsciously fed off her essence of and infinite source of inspiration. She values her worth.


Some are mesmerized, hypnotized and cannot stay away, needing the energy, inspiration injection of raw creativity, for some as much as night needs day, and the sun needs the moon. It is easy for that soul to stand and walk alone.
Many get lost in her innocence, dark depths of her mind, languish within her stories, and get lost in the Labyrinth or the eyes. She bares it all, open vulnerability, no false façade, that many others wear, to share in that presence is a gift to explore.


Welcome to be-ing the muse, the daring crazy Maverick, that turns dust into honey, and the dark into the light, and to many the source of creative inspiration. It is vital that this soul learns how to fill up their own cup, to step away and retreat as much as they need. To nourish their gifts and sacred treasures within, and honour their own heart and temporarily relinquish being a source of inspiration


This soul dances in energy, feels everything deeper than most, loves as if its their last breath, and unless they are holding un-wavering presence, would rather sit in silence within a cave of stillness. Never be afraid to take a step back from the fast lane, and reconnect to what your heart desires. 


This soul cares less for mindless talk.
Trivial issues and instinct is her guide
Decisions make in consult of the heart
Wise introspection within the mind
Allow this to inspire you
To fill up your own cup.




This soul will retreat to refuel her vibe, honour her light!

Then reappear without a word, dancing with life, as if nothing really happened. Her path is reset, and its full steam ahead. 


A glimpse into the life of the Maverick and Muse… far from perfect, she turns a trip into a skip, all to amuse, throws her hair back, laughs freely, smiles with desire,  and carefree expresses in glee, “Fuck-it, live each day as if its the last!”





Zoe xx




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