Soul Sessions


A candle loses nothing by lighting another- it burns eternally bright


o be clear I am not an escort or a prostitute, not that I have any judgment toward these vocations, everything is about choice and consequences, the low vibration for lustful unconscious sex does nothing for my soul. My body is a temple, of the highest calling of sovereignty and not to be viewed as a quick-fix for fleeting primal desires. It is my right to refuse those who are not ready to progress.

I am a muse to re-ignite the passion lost between couples, to guide each individual within the relationship thought an experience of ancient tantric & Vedic wisdom, Sensual touch massage, conscious intimate relating, and higher vibrational living. For the highest good for humanity.

I also work with singles who are ready to raise their mojo from an unconscious low vibration of lust into opening the blocked energy centers and access their highest truth and awakened state of being.


“The muse reignites the flame, stoking the masculine and feminine forces within, so that the flame within burns brightly, and never dims again” – Z


Soul Journey 2-day Immersion

Touched Sensual Art of Massage

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