Soul Journey Immersion

Gaze deep into my eyes, you are home. I am you. You are I. We are
one. In-to- me-see, in-to- you-see, feel into love, divine soul.


he greatest journey in life is to know thy self, as we are each unique and with a divine soul purpose.  This magical pathway crafts a bridge of intimacy that opens a doorway to transition with gentleness from sex to deep spirituality of connection – and to dance with crafted ease between both worlds.  Exploration of sensuality is our human right, as much as as it is to explore different foods.

As an intuitive, clairsentience, clairaudience, I feel and hear what it is you as a couple wants, balanced by what you need, and many desires what are yet to be expressed. I am a vessel of intuitive wisdom, and as a  Shaman and intuitive energy healer feeling, hearing the unseen and seeing the magical possibilities.  I facilitate a divine process so you both cultivate a deeper connection with self and then most vital with one another. With years of studying intimacy, working with couples and exploring sensuality this is a passion to share. With pursuing a passion of writing books and daily integration of practices I have emerged as an embodiment of this wisdom. This I honour with the highest of respect for ancient teachings to evoke a sensual awakening within you and your partner.


Ready to dive into your raw sensuality?

Maybe you are seeking that something ‘unique and rare experience’, with an added delicious magical boost to life andyour intimate relationship is ready for that ‘honeymoon revamp’, exploring sensual and ancient mysteries together in the privacy of your own secret space.  An interconnectedness, to lose yourself within the moment, feel safe and supported, boundaries respected, all infused with warm and intimate tones. All with the intention to re-establish a sometimes all too rare genuine intimate connection.

Maybe you have lost that intimate connection and couples therapy is not working. This is costing you’re a fortune and stuck on the merry go round of fighting. Looking for a solution less stressful, and much more fun, intimated expanding rather than divorce, or moving out? Then this is for you and will shift your relationship into deeper realms, only ever dreamt about!

Or maybe you’re simply and profoundly looking to explore getting to know you and your partner on a deeper and intimate soul level. To explore the edges of potent sensuality, high vibrational living and playfulness.  This cultivates mind-blowing connection, sensual fulfilment with the one you love and adore. A doorway to open, to seduce, be seduced, magnetise, to access heightened states of pleasure and freedom.

A Soul Journey is unique and high-end for couples looking for that bespoke and luxury experience. This is for the Queens and the Kings that would love to honour a gift to their relationship, an experience of a lifetime, this can be over a weekend or a 12-month high-end offering. This is disclosed during private consultation and is subject to availability. 

It is by rewiring of the foundations of the mind, mastering the breath, understanding and weaving the energetic pulses within and without that deepens an understanding into how we are all symbiotically connected.  There is no force with inner healing, and will meet each individual where they are at creating an environment that feels safe, nourishing, so they give themselves permission to remove the masks. Sensuality is as much the energy we feel as what we experience in our reality. The life-force/energetic field is sensual and magnetic in nature and life is about learning how to come back into balance. It is then that a new world of pleasure opens up. Sensuality is our human right infused with intimate depths that are ecstatic. This is tapped into high vibrational frequencies, interweaving the forces unseen, weaving healings and tasting into the experience of unconditional love. The ability to orchestrate an infusion of 3-energies into one pulse, one cosmic throb, is potent, arousing, on every level of being human. This is a rare gift to share with couples that are aligned with this level of intimate and spiritual relating.  Read through some of the tastings, reviews from beautiful souls experiences in working intimately with Zoe. 

Revamp intimate balance with a Soul Journey immersion

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