Sexual Repression and Dishonouring of the Soul


There is a river that runs through us, permeated every cell of our being, it is electro-magnetic in nature, it yields tour desires, commands and can bring messages from the soul. It is the doorway tour health, disease, success and accidents.


In each and every one of us there is masculine and feminine energetic force. Many have referred to this over the years as the yin and yang, and these energetic forces are the keys creating life balance of the world within, and the world without. The masculine (yang) is the action energy, the driving force of determination and bringing the un manifested into the manifested, into the physical. The feminine (yin) is the creative forces, imagination, new ideas, and the juicy elixir of flowing energy, the un manifested. It is the dancing and weaving of these channels of energy, that creates out ‘life-force, Pranic field of energy.’


This electro-magnetic energy is vibrating at different frequencies, oscillating through the energy centers of the body, and within the surrounding auric field, and will magnetize to it, the desired and the undesired. Life taught me what a powerful manifestation magnetic I am, as I attracted the unwanted, caught up in a web of self-destruct! I bet we can all relate to this. We get stuck looking at the physical, yet it is about learning how to work with the inner matrix that creates profound and magical transformations.

Let’s take this a little deeper.

We are either living a human experience as a physical man or a physical woman, and some have also chosen to modify the external genitalia, to become more aligned with their inner world, and sensual free expression. Freedom to choose, as the only one we can learn to love and accept is within. Some have accentuated sensual aspects, like breasts, again freedom of choice!

There are many women in society that have become more masculine on the exterior, to protect their raw vulnerability, as to express emotions was not acceptable in their environment. They have morphed into what they thought they had to be within their working space, in order to succeed, i.e.: Corporate, Law.


Many sadly become un-yeilding c##t’s with a protective defense wall, like the concrete vagina-wall of China. Ladies, you are far more powerful than you realise, and men revere you! If the word c#nt offends anyone, then seek the deeper meaning.  The vagina has been traded for sex, sold for desires, and many manipulating its sacredness. It is all about choice, and honouring your desires shamelessly, courageously and with self-love.


There is a magical safe place for this union between couples in love-making, and sadly for many have become scared by trauma, repressed emotions, and rage towards sensuality. Many women have never had an orgasm, as this is also something I am passionate about. The sexual numbness can shift into aliveness and for women it is never to be forced. See her as the mystical rose, that opens and blossoms into her full ripeness.

The meaning of a cunt is a ‘Spiritually enlightened woman’, choosing what I desire, when I desire it, universe always delivers.


Maybe, when they put on that elegant and sexy dress, they had comments passed, flirtatious remarks made, a wandering hand, and seen as a sex goddess. Yet, in their mind, they felt disrespected, dis-honoured, and they did not wish to be in the same category as the PA or the secretary. There was a separation of the feminine psyche and an unresolved rage brewing. There are layers within layers to this, you dress a certain way, and men want to f##k you, and not really understanding their own primal sensual desires. Maybe, an insecure partner, told you looked too sexy, too good in what you were wearing, so you stopped.  Maybe, your friends put you down for looking too good. Women are the biggest critics of one another. Or you were shamed from looking at another, it is not cheating to look at another. Nor is it cheating to fantasies of another!


At our core we are all both masculine and feminine energy.


Here is my take on the inner working of the masculine and feminine aspects that have been forgotten within. I speak from my own inner journey, the clients I’ve worked alongside and from the years of understanding human behaviour. I am still learning, and I am not aiming for perfection either. I am striving for soul freedom. There is a playful time and place for bondage, and that is not of the soul!


I am the divine masculine

As much as I am

The divine feminine.


The masculine within was shamed by the primal sexual desires, of sexual exploration, sensual hunger, and an insatiable thirst for pleasure, to give and receive. That aspect of self that would hold back, as she was more driven and passionate than many physical men. Her libido was on another level than her physical female counterparts, and the physical man over the years, told her that she was too sexual. That aspect that desired women as much as she desired men, and that aspect that society shamed. That kind of girl. They felt threatened, as this wild and divine reflection, made them feel uncomfortable.


Society shamed her as a teenager, calling her a ‘slut’, so she stopped exploring her primal sexual desires, then unconsciously, she began to shame that aspect of herself. She stopped writing provocative writings at the age of 12-years old, all that were keys to her soul awakening.  She became secretive of her sexual desires, felt angry on the inside, and attracted the perfect teachers to take away her power, who fuc##d her without asking. She lost her inner voice, and on the inside had to die before she died. Thankfully, it would be 32-years later that she would begin to express her rich, raw and sensual voice from her soul.


Her inner masculine left at the bottom of a well of despair and confusion.  This aspect of self was curled up, scared lonely and waiting to be honoured, adored, held, loved and respected. This aspect was waiting to feel love, and so more work behind closed doors began. To heal the old aspect of Zoe that had been forgotten, and to see that healing the divine masculine was a key to the soul mission she is on. Turn to the inner Masculine, and tell him you are here, listening, he can express with no judgement, he is honoured and you have his back.

Forgiving those whom had shamed it, the biggest of all, the ‘inner critic’. You each have an inner masculine and an inner feminine waiting for the unification within.  That is part of the journey of yoga, to ‘yoke’, to remove the layers and take that inward journey to know thy self.


There is an even bigger elephant in the corner.


Many are searching outside for that ‘perfect partner’, yet they have not learnt to love and nourish the aspects that are hidden in the dark inside. You are complete, and whole. There is nothing to fix, and there is much to heal and love unconditionally. That is why I have created separate programs, one for the men and one for the women, in physical form.


True unification is about bring the feminine and masculine aspects into balance and union, and the soul journey back to thy self. To find the love, peace, and harmony inside.


What you see reflected within the external world, is a deep teaching about self.


To all the ‘slut haters, the mummy bloggers’, that think they live the picture-perfect life’, yet push away their inner slut, reject their husband’s sexual primal advances, then believe it or not, I am your greatest ally. Not the enemy. I do not want your men, I feel complete, and can teach you how to command sensual attention like Cleopatra did, and open a doorway into another world. I am here to serve the relationship.


To all the men that desire this representation of divine expression of a sensual soul, then refer your female lovers, wives to me, as I am here to teach them.  I am here for you both. To the men, who have lost their inner voice, then reach out.


Anyone with the tools, wisdom and loving guidance can begin to access this. It is time to awaken and to tap into your magnificence.


I am a muse and I am here to heal the rage of sensual suppression.


To the men, that feel uncomfortable with a woman who is more passionate, driven, and sexually explorative, it is time to look at what it is within that you shame within self. The divine feminine is sensual, flowing, creative, wild and cannot be contained. It is the feeling and emotional state, so if you are suppressing your emotions, numbed out from life, in control all the time, then your free feminine is curled up awaiting your return. She is found within the dark recess of your mind and heart. She is waiting to be held, nourished, loved and celebrated. Tell her, it’s okay. You are safe, I have you.

This is merely scratching the surface of the work I am passionate about and am willing to walk a path many are afraid to. The only person, who can harm my soul, is within, so I will honour each step of the way.

If you are looking for guidance, support and a woman who truly gets it, then courageously reach out. I am not interested in hearing the stories of your past, they are your divine lessons to your soul. I am interested in working alongside you, provide key principles and open a door so you can gaze deeper within.


Thank you, to all who have privately reached out, to tell me to keep going, to follow my truth. I hear you, and I know this;

Once our soul mission is revealed, to not express it, is to suffocate the soul. Humanity asked, and here I am!


Zoe x

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