Remembrance of the Codes


We each have a path, some are guided to the unknown, and others to what has been created before. There is no right or wrong, some are remembering ancient wisdom to be revealed when they are ready, and most resonate without a formal training.


A path of soul remembrance.

It is vital to scribe these findings as I go on this journey of rapid upshifting, within the DNA, thoughts and the intuitive wisdom that is flowing in. The path of remembrance looks lonely to most, and it doesn’t not fit into a box of conventionality.

Others have walked this path, yet never kept record of their findings. It is my intention to share this journey with my vulnerable rawness or learning through experience, the offerings that universe presents and the deeper wisdom that is remembered in the fearless actions. As this is my experience of life, changing at rapid states is normal. For most they avoid change, it is scary to them and shakes up everything that they know.


Accepting not fitting in.

As I sit here, I laugh, as I see the depth that this is shifting into massive expansion, more than I can conceptualize, and I trust in the process. I laugh the ones we don’t trust enough is ourselves.

The majority looking for outer confirmation, acknowledgement on the direction and the most and more you allow that wisdom to come in, the less outside guidance you seek. It is all inner. To expnad we have to be able to ‘let-go’, to allow the years of unconsciousness to be released. The old energy that gets trapped wihin the deep tissues of the body, and requires to be removed with the assistance of energy work fascilitation. For many they spend their lives trying to fit in, and its a waste of time. As once we remove the layers, we are all the same, our stories are different yet we are gettig back to our natural state of love and bliss. 


The outsider.

It is all perspective, some see an outsider, and yet when on the inside and feeling at peace there is no more inside or outside. They are all apsects of the one. 

There is a reason you never fitted the click.

There is a reason they shamed you.

There is a reason you were still seen as the weird- even when weird became normal.

There is a reason, and time when you wonder, ponder and when to make noise.

It’s all about divine timing and trusting in the now.

There is no force, it is all abour fearlessly allowing. 


The peaceful witness.

The silence of being the outsider, the time more and more with self, are a saving grace. It is a vital key and important aspect to truly experience aloneness. To begin to see it all as a game, we can learn to play the game, or we get played. The more we create difference of rightness and wrongness, high-jacked by opinion, the more we get trapped. The peaceful witness will gaze upon, bathed in neutrality.


To the unconscious observer, they see aloneness.

To the outsider, they are in training behind closed doors.

Creativity unleashed, a mission to complete.

There are many running with the wolves, underneath are sheep.

Many preachers, and righteous.

The disguises will get found out.

Even as I speak these words, it is time to remove my own jugment hat. 


As I ponder the above, more shifts have taken place, a deeper awareness and natural changes to integrate, as a new part of this path. I have sobbed, screamed, howled and laughed with ecstatic joy, moaned in orgasmic bliss as stuck energy was unleashed and replced with my natural state.  Each day you awaken, you have shifted again, the changes constant and ever-flowing.  Each day, codes have begun to download into my awareness, with no meaning right now, and yet I trust in these DNA upgrades. I’ve never resonated with the conventional, so why change now. Integrating into my own teachings and stepping up to life, serving clients needs as I venture into the unknown. We are all in this adventure with one another, and I hope to walk alongside, for as long as you need the support. To then free falling into the unknown as you too spread your wings.


We have two choices, shrink inside or continue to expand. We don’t know what we don’t know and seek to understand and explore the unknown. 

To reignite and remember our soul codes within. 

May this inspire you to spread your wings,

This is your life,

Zoe x












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