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Tantalising testimonials from transformed clients

The treasure of a creative spark is not to be underestimated. To find someone who can truly summon it in you is unrivalled in power. As a writer, I am rarely lost for words, but to describe with precision the exotic spirit that surrounds Zoe genuinely confounds me. From her magnetic presence – the first indication one is about to enter a different realm. Each time I’ve experienced the sensual massage I return to my writing inspired, enlightened and invigorated.

Writer Sydney- 48

I felt conscious of my body and had always felt that I looked different. Zoe completely made me feel at ease, and a journey of moving past the layers of shame and self-loathing. I cried upon the massage table, and for a very long time of numbness, sensations began to return. My Yoni had felt shut down, and so this new relationship with my body began. It is the beginning of a journey of learning to fall I love with me again and let go of what no longer serves me. With home self- practices, I am falling in love with the flower of my yoni and many times have emotional releases as the layers melt away. That is inner freedom.

School Teacher – 38


I was thinking there was something wrong with my sexual desires. At home I felt shut down by my wife, and sexually rejected. Being a man’s man, I bottled my feelings and was longing to be heard and I was losing my erection. For the first time in a long time, I felt heard, seen and adored. The sensual touched massage has been deeply healing, as now I am able to communicate from my heart space to the woman I love and adore, my beautiful wife. This was the catalyst to saving our intimate relationship and as a couple we are exploring how to give these healing massages to one another. This has been give such a taboo subject and yet it is an ancient art that sadly has been lost in society. Zoe cultivate a healing and educational experience. 

Lawyer – 46


The activation within the soul sessions experience with Ms Bell is something that – in all my travels and in all my international adventures – I have never before experienced. To hint at its power, it begins with carefully chosen music, then to a receive her touch in massage. Eyes closed and deep, instrumental work with guidance in breathing that brings one into a sensate state. This woman’s aura engulfed me. The rhythms she summons in concert with the music, though, taken into a place beyond this world. The kundalini activation was beyond anything I’ve experienced before. My eyes, stunned from the darkness, find hers locked into mine, and I witness the power channelling through her, and then, into me. I have no idea how she does this. During the massage my climax timed sublimely and some crazed Tesla coil in my centre – sparkling magnificently at this maestra’s whim. A healing experience never to be forgotten.

International Film Director – 49


When I work, I require a variety of emotions and moods. Zoe can read my emotions and moods from a distance. A moment within her presence she feels every emotion. Understands where my blockages lie, begins to source the nature of my pain. And then works with her immense gifts to open the channels to tap my creativity. Summoning all manner of creative juices in ways I’ve never before witnessed.

Creative Director – Sydney 53


Ms Bell has a power set of meditative practice, vibrational healing and deep knowledge of psyche combined with an artist’s sensuality is other-worldly. 

Finance CEO, 42


To connect on this deep level with a woman who takes connection to next level, rendered me speechless, opening up deeper possibilities within intimate relating.  I watched in awe, as two women explored soul connection, building trust through open communication, healing sacred touch and the energetic push-pull of the magnetic energies. This taught me about my partner and cultivated a deeper appreciation for the feminine essence. These sessions are opening a deeper connection as a couple, to my own body, appreciation for my partner and an expression of natural desires. As a couple our body confidence and intimate communication has blossomed. A truly healing experience, mind, body and spirit. 

Project Manager -43


 I felt uncomfortable around many women, even threatened, and yet with Zoe, I felt relaxed and for the first time in my life, was able to express my fears. To express my truth with honesty and be met with compassion and feel no threat to our family. This has shifted our relationship to a renewed connection, and we look forward to the next time. 

Caregiver for her family – 35


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