Mind Transcendence

The greatest and most rewarding journey is to explore your secret paradise within.

Mind Transcendence

The greatest and most rewarding journey is to explore your secret paradise within.

Imagine a new possibility of the transcendence…


he word meditation has become diluted in a saturated market within society; it’s the new buzzword and it can be confusing to choose the right method for you.

This is one of the most ancient and powerful methods that anyone can practice. This brings immediate calm, restfulness and clarity. Welcome to the Vedic meditation teachings.

By building the foundations of the mind a stable base is created. The Nervous system upgrades in strength, resilience and adaptation to stress increases. As the nervous system adapts, more energy/light can be held within the container (body). This impacts health, improves energy, bringing rich creativity to be expressed. The ability to focus the once ‘busy mind’, teaches how to focus upon desires and goals, increases sexual arousal, sexual attraction and magnetic allure. This form of meditation brings the individual to a sate of relaxation, deep concentration and for some after many years of daily practice, the state of Samadhi, a permanent state of inner bliss. It is during this meditation that i’ve experienced a ‘cosmic orgasm’ and the able to climax with psychic awareness alone.

This resting phase of the mind, resets and restores the nervous system at a deep level and is equivalent to 6- hours sleep. If you are looking for that edge, and the crème de la crème of stillness, then this is for you.

Advice, if in a relationship, if one partner does it, I strongly suggest the other also learns, so that they accelerate, progress, and wake-up together. You really wish to be on the same page, and meditation is even better when practiced naked.

What can you expect?

To feel more FREE. Energised, happier, at peace with moments of deep inner calm. You can expect for relationships to improve, be less caught up in drama and find letting go of what no longer serves you. Conflict resolution with ease. You begin choosing habits that feel good and bring no harm to self or others, from the expanded awareness. To sleep deeper at night, falling asleep more easily, and waking up when your body is ready, without an alarm clock. You can expect to feel more creative with imagination on fire, with the ability to retain more information and learning becomes easier.

Who is this for?

Everyone who gets stressed at work, home-life and is looking for a solution.

The CEO that wishes to increase productivity and focus in their company.
Those who are lost, drowning, and feel there is more to life.
Everyone with depression, anxiety and addictions (sex addiction, porn addiction)
Everyone who is wanting to attract their dream partner.

Everyone that desires more passion in the bedroom!
Everyone who secretly loathes an aspect of their body, and wishes to have confidence naked, comfortable in intimacy and in life.

Everyone who wishes to radically change their life to the richer.
Those that are ready to transform and become more influential, boardroom to bedroom.

Who is this NOT for?

 Those who are not willing to invest in themselves
Those that think they know everything!

Those not willing to do the daily practice.

Those not willing to be teachable

Those who are happy living as the victim
Those that don’t want to change
Those that enjoy living in drama

From being down on my knees in the garden screaming up at the universe “ Is this fucking it”, the teacher was brought to me. My life was rapidly becoming my worst nightmare; I was the rough-cut diamond that everyone has had enough of. The lies, the BS, the manipulation, the chain of pain was my survival and the victim, I was a master at playing her well.

When the student is asking, the teacher will appear and likewise when the teacher is ready the willing student will appear

This is the key to awakening a passionate gift, of scribing erotic poetry. With three-published books on Amazon, within the first year, 2017. The first is about my life story, then, RAW is erotic poetry and nude in nature expressions. The third, a book dedicated to the journey of Healing the Inner child, Completeness. I am soon to publish another 3-books, a re-write of the first book. The book series will be called Free Cunti Code.

Simply, the Vedic meditation gave me my life back and healed the inner child that was still in pain, and to reconnect with her and never abandon her again after 38 years of being lost and not knowing how to find her. This fuelled the courage to walk alone, even when women would talk behind my back and it is the reason why I am here doing what I do and the cornerstone to the brand, ‘Zoe Bell’.

I believe anyone can change and rewire their thinking, with firm and loving guidance. To experience aloneness, one has to experience the levels of the mind.

It takes one person to believe in you, to see you trough new eyes and to be given a method so that you can take back your power and never be walked over again.

To create a ripple effect and teach everyone how to fish,(meditate), so they no longer need me. To create a snowballing effect by uplifting and inspiring and rewiring our thinking so that we can each ‘break-free’ of the mental labels that are given to our sanity and keep us trapped within a box and conforming with a society that wishes to control and sadly disempower.

I’ve been there, eaten the dirt and am a product of the product, so I see it all and am here to inspire your wake-up, if this is resonating with the cells in your body then sign up for the weekly newsletter as it is time to take back your power!

Ready to unleash your raw power?

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