Would you like to know what souls desire so they surrender in your presence?

Well, I have the proven formula so that you become a powerful, sensual and creative force.

There is nothing worse than finding yourself with the one you fell in love with and the affection is either missing or withheld.  The bedroom has become the place where you sleep with your flatmate. A cuddle, or giving a massage is the closest you come to any of the raw and sensual affection you once explored together and any attempt to draw closer to her, gets pushed away, and only on her terms. This can turn into denial and throwing your passion into your creative expressions; staying longer at a job you hate or going out drinking with your mates.

This man has become the obedient servant, with a fear of raising his voice as his desires are being unheard, disregarded as unimportant and has a deep fear of rocking the boat with a constant state of approval to keep everyone else happy. This can lead to unhappiness and a slow death via suffocation of the soul inside. For many men, they feel shame of their sexual and intimate desires, they may have shared a private fantasy before with their partner or a previous one and felt shut down, judged and rejected for their brutal honesty and beautiful transparency.




Theses vulnerable aspects shared with trust then brought up for review in a line of attack from a jealous partner, past or present making him wrong This leads to feelings of resentfulness, frustration with verbal outbursts, which are seen as aggressive in nature. For many men raising their voice is seen as aggressive in society. I believe no one needs to shout at one another, yet for many men, I will be honest and real here, their wives/partners have their balls on a key ring! For some men, this has turned them off having a relationship, and will not settle for mediocrity.

These men have given their power away, to keep the balance and to diffuse the projections aimed at them. Men need to own their voice, honour their worth and respect their primal roar.

To set new boundaries, how they wish to be treated as a KING! There is the man who desires more from life, is stuck in a job that he hates and his life feels like it is flat-lining, he spends more time at work than with his family/loved ones and when he is at home, feels unappreciated, undesired and has lost his passion and drive.  It is vital for a man to reconnect to passions as the better he feels, will begin to open a doorway to creating a job which is more aligned with him.  That ignites his passion within!


I had a client, lets call him John, and he was feeling challenged in his relationship, where it began to drag him down.  At home he was walking on eggshells, doing everything he could to lift his partner up, to feel good and to open a doorway into a possibility of some affection. It was sad to listen to him when we first began working together as I felt his pain. Here was a loving and creative man living his passion, and was the adoringly loving partner, yet he was pushed away each time he made a move. It was eating away at his confidence and he was like the happy positive person, yet he was craving affection and raw desire.

He was stuck in the loop of pleasing, much like to dog with the bone, and yet would get the bone taken away and his hand slapped with disapproval. He was being punished for being himself and there was a BS power game of control and unconscious manipulation by his partner. As the weeks past by, John became more connected with himself, his confidence grew, and he was finding ways to fill up on himself with love.  He began overflowing in self-love, oozing inner passion and magnetic sensual desire. This created a massive shift within the dynamic of the relationship.  His wife being drawn to his awakened magnetic presence! Interesting, yes! This was a new beginning for them and last time we spoke, it was like honeymoon passion again. 

John realised that it all came back to him, he had to be willing to be the change and have the courage to express his voice with clarity. I will be honest.  The outcome may be very different,  and will be whatever it needs to be for the individuals soul evolution and happiness. There are couples, that have chosen to go in different directions and that was the best for them both as individuals. This is beautiful and courageous to witness, as we each have to come back to self.

I have male clients that are still single and are enjoying the most delicious relationship with themselves; they have both women and men interested in them, and will chose when they wish to be intimate, with deep soul connections in the present moment. There is abundance and a free will.  Life is about divine timing and listening and honouring to your unique soul messages, there is no cookie-cutter approach, yet these insights and methods will awaken that which you desire and most vital honour and remember your worthiness and that we are constantly changing, either growing together or apart.


I get it, you are a loving, passionate man that will do anything for the women/man that you love, yet it still isn’t enough. There is an imbalance of the energies within the home, and at times it can feel like you are being bossed around, disrespected and not given the adoration and love you deserve as a man.  You get a warmer welcome from the dog, even the cat that is always happy to see you and on the inside you feel like you are living with a great housemate and you might as well be single, as affection is off the cards. You are craving to be touched, honoured, adored and desired…. as the KING that you are!


You are sexually expressive and get rejected each time you make a move, which does nothing for your confidence that feels fragile. Your hands pushed away as it’s never the right time, on the inside you are getting more and more sexually frustrated, possibly withdrawn and it is doing nothing for your self confidence as a man. There is no heart or mind connection with your partner leading to challenges possibly maintaining an erection, or you may feel numb in your seat of power, your cock. I will guide you in ways to honour your body with sensual self-touch massage, a beautiful offering of love and techniques on how to release the pent up sexual energy. It is your body and it is time to nourish you. As you deserve to be resonating ‘high-vibe’ at 111%


Through the ancient wisdom I will share with you, this will awaken a deeper experience of arousal, and spiritual connection. The question is;

Are you ready to explore these magical depths?


Life is a sensual experience as you will learn ways how to tap into a feeling good state whenever you choose to access it. This will impact your creativity, and drive within your working environment. The more passion you evoke, then the greater influence you become when interacting with others, it will be something that is felt in your presence and confidence. Your partner is there to reflect back a reality that maybe you are unwilling to see, this may be a reflection of some deeper emotions and beliefs that you are unaware of. Within the Potent Masculine blueprint you will begin to explore and  let go of our deepest fears. A fear of rejection is a big one, and is the unwillingness to express what you desire. Rejection, a fear of hurting another and being in a state of denial of the reality and this can be eliminated so that it never holds you back again.


You will become to feel more full, rich within, whole and magnetic. You will be able to hold powerful presence for your beloved, so she/he is able to reveal her own raw vulnerability. Now, that is potent. Together we will explore aspects that we have pushed into the shadows, to un-pack wisdom, to reveal the deep separation within and courageously look at the pain inside. There is a disconnection from your current state of reality and the state of your expanded reality, as your highest self.

Those that are shut down, voice not heard, will discover ways to inner freedom and being able to hold space for the other that is stuck in blame/shame.  To those that are obediently attending to the demands of others and their own inner voice, needs/wants ignored, then it is time to reclaim your right as a human being. The other person is taking the lead in an assertive and you are choosing to get walked all over.


During this 3-months together you feel and be supported, as you begin to step into your highest aligned truth. I will guide, inspire and challenge you to awaken your voice, and express with clarity so that you are honoured, respected and adored. This will have women/men desiring you. To the men that are desiring a relationship and are tired of the surface level communication within the dating game,  I will guide you how to access magnetic allure, communicate your desires, so they find you. As we shift our inner world, then the outer reality changes.  Think raining women, or men, whatever your sensual preference. You will discover ways to  fill up on the things that feel good, and access an inner invisible power. Imagine together we are pouring gasoline onto the flames of inner passion, to ignite you to your greatest and then you get to share that the soul you choose. 


Get ready to discover ways to shift your beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and reactions to people, events and life circumstances. Life will become less exhausting and vitality pumping through your veins. Get ready for a sexy-soul upgrade, so you can become the vibrant and magnetic soul you came here to express. Together and with other men just like you, we will embark upon a great soul adventure and learn how to retreat from the chaos to  restore the calm, and powerful centre within. This is about removing the veils of unconsciousness and it is the pathway to your soul awakening. This is your right as a powerful creator of YOU!



A powerful 12-week journey empowering you to actualise your true Potent Masculine potential…

Course Outline

Week 1: Owning where you are


 Where you are currently at and being totally honest. To your desires, needs and how this is impacting your level of arousal and performance as a man. Begin to reveal blind-spots. Getting REAL.

Week 2: The bondage of the power struggle


Do you find yourself rebelling, have your deepest sensual desires and fantasies been shut- down or laughed at? It is time to remember your masculine essence… and activating it more. To remember your masculine roar. And connect with YOU. 

Week 3: The power of the potent masculine


Ways to reclaim your power as a man, learn ways to release tension, anger and increase energy. It is time to juice your hips with some mobility, to stir the creative and sensual flow of energy. Honouring grief and healing trauma. 

Week 4: Relaxation and concentration


I will be guiding you using a selection of breathing techniques. This accesses a deep state ofrelaxation, to still the mind, reduce stress and rebalance the energetic forces within the body. This begins to stir the electro-magnetic forces within.

Week 5: The sacred art of letting go


It is time to honour your body all over with sensual guided touch, with my voice. An intimate time with your soul and feeling body, one of the highest gifts of love to self. This will connect your cock/lingam and connect with the heart.

Week 6: High vibrational thoughts


We will learn a powerful method to rewire the neural patterns of the mind and unveil your consistent thoughts. To practice a state of feeling good and in a state of joy, whenever youchose. No matter the environment. This is powerful.

Week 7: Breath potentcy


Tap into the power of the breath and turn up the vibe on your magnetic allure and sexual vibrancy. Reduce stress, evoke inner calm and increase focus and concentration.

Week 8: The fantasy woman of your dreams


It is time to be honest about the woman/man of your fantasies, lover of your dreams. This shifts relationship big time, in a magical way. Learn how taking action on your dreams and creative pursuits is a key to your happiness. This will reveal the secrets to what makes a woman happy and creating a life of super happiness.

Week 9: Holding space with masculine presence


Learn communication with raw honesty and courageous vulnerability. Being heard, respected and loved, with no attachment to the outcome. Then holding space with masculine presence for your beloved or a soul you care about, with unwavering presence. Step into your divine essence.

Week 10-12: Integration


The purpose of weeks 10-11 and 12 are ALL about INTEGRATION and bringing weeks 1-9 into relatability into relationship and intimate relating.  These 3 weeks are crucial and vital to supporting one another, moving forward. This is where any topic can be explored, to dive in deeper and bring the goals and intentions you set at the beginning into motion. The end is a new beginning into the depths of the soul. 


 ✔ 30 min coaching call –  pre-course; Goals, intentions, accountability

✔ 9 weeks on-line course with the Potent Blueprint

 ✔ Weeks 10-12- Vital for powerful integration & bringing into relationship

 ✔ Star Magic group healing sessions x 6 over

 ✔ Star Magic individual Healings – (1-2-1)  x 6

✔ Accountability partner by week 3 and beyond.

✔ 3 x 60-90 min coaching calls (1-2-1) over the 3 months

✔ Mind Transcendence – Beg & Adv. Vedic Meditations – taught indidiually

✔ Workbook Reflective Insights

✔ Access to the secret FB group – “Potent Blueprint” 

✔ Sacred Transformational Space in Sangha (group) – each week 

✔ The Restore & Reset program 

✔ Audio for the Sensual self- massage

✔ 1/2 price DISCOUNT to future retreats with Zoe Bell

✔ The Limitless Mind- breaking free of the Matrix- Free book

Meet Zoe

I have a philosophy of inspiring transformation, exposing the unseen, teaching the unfelt and leaving you with an experience of love you will always remember.

I believe that one cannot teach authentically what we have not experienced, to each own our nonsense on a day to day basis as we all have our own unique expressions and perspectives.

We all have masks that were there to protect and have served us well, scars are beautiful messengers to unveil our gifts and Soul wisdom.

There are no accidents that you are here in this time, you are here for a reason, and your soul is guiding you, asking you, challenging you to explore deeper within. Are you ready to accept your Soul calling and awaken those aspects within?

Activate Your Masculine Blueprint

This journey back to self, which is by far the most courageous, challenging and rewarding. By turning the attention to things we enjoy, our attention naturally goes inwards to a feeling good state and we can learn to become more present within each moment then the more we start to find a solution to our problems and challenges that we are faced with.  I believe and know that by honouring the messages of the body, we gain a deeper understanding of the unseen (what we cannot yet see). We don’t know what we don’t know, and seek to understand what we do not yet know, this is part of the conscious wake-up. This is a key back to you and you deserve the best!

The deeper the connection with relating to self, will have a profound impact on our children, families, friends. Relationship takes on new take on more depth and meaning the more present we become.  The more connected we feel, the more grounded we become, this cultivates a feeling of safety, making inner transformation possible. We each have to be the change, and together there is collective support.

Each step towards a place of self-actualisation is a journey of self-love in motion. This impacts self-esteem, body confidence, sexual attraction and commands powerful presence. This what women are craving. Presence is felt by all you meet. To honour self-touch and affection, shifts the way we see the world.It is magical to witness self –realisation of inner growth and with renewed confidence and renewed magnificent presence, they are able to make more aligned choices in their relationships and choices as a soul.

This is transformation of a souls awakening.

Ready to unleash your potent masculine blueprint?

Frequently Asked Questions

Some may be thinking, how can a woman be there to teach me how to unleash my potent masculine presence? Great question by the way.

The fact is I have spent most of my life around men, listening as a supportive friend and most of my clients that are drawn to my essence are men, they find the vibration I offer appealing and hence why I am also teaching this to women, so that there can be a unification between the masculine and feminine divide.  I have a great insight into what are the blocks and the easy ‘can do’ solutions, as I have been the woman that you are with. I had used my sexuality in and manipulative way, to get what I want and also to create pain for the other, unconsciously due to the programing from my childhood. It breaks my heart to see the way men are being treated and I have your back, saying that I see this from both sides in an objective and non-emotional standpoint. I will always provide a transparent no hiding and free from a BS response. I have walked the path, into the depths of the pain, faced my inner fears and found the courage to honour my own truth. I have the ability to create the space so that men feel safe, honoured, respected and can open the doorway so they can feel into and embrace their raw vulnerability.  I command presence with ease so men begin to embody presence with confidence and this is the perfect playground for accelerated change. I am fearless and this inspires men to fully reclaim and step into their magnificence and to own their voice and reclaim both potent presence and raw vulnerability as man. As I understand the women I’ll show you a way so that you never get walked over again and she is drawn to your raw masculine magnetic presence, like bees to honey!

What if my partner is unsupportive of my doing this and says that I am selfish not being there as much for her or our children? I still don’t understand how it can be related as I have no issue with others at work, yet at home and I feel invisible, it must be a problem with my partner/wife? – It is challenging to view our lives in an objective way when we are in the thick of it. It is easy to make it about the other person and as we take this journey together, your perspective may shift and change as you learn more about self and the old beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

How much time do I have to commit to this? As I am already really busy? Let me ask you how much you value your happiness and your relationship with your partner? Until we book time in, we will never make time, until it is too late. T take time out to work on you is an act of self-love and self-worth as you are adding value to you and to your life.

I can see what else I can spend the money on, like a new pair of shoes and things that the kids would love?

To spend money on personal development is lifelong teachings, that will always be there, you can chose what you wish to remember and integrate yet they never wear out, like a pair of shoes. It comes down to the self-belief of worthiness. The shoes create a surface feel good effect, yet the personal development is one of the best investments in self you can make. The question is, how much do you value yourself?

If I am invisible and sexually undesired by my partner, I don’t understand how changing my inner vibration can shift her attraction to me, it cannot surely be that simple?

Think of two magnets, with the charges, place two positive (feminine) charged poles against one another and they will repel, likewise where you have the negative pole (masculine charge) an the positive (feminine charge) they will be magnetised towards one another. Energy does not lie and it is part of the universal law of attraction of cause and effect . The same goes for emotions and the behaviour of one another, you will see happy people gravitating towards one another and if there is an angry person in the mix, the group will scatter.

What are your other options?

I will be honest, you could go away for 6-months, sit on a mountain or live in an ashram, do nothing and yet when you return to your family and husband nothing will have changed or it may be changed in a way that is no longer aligned with what you desire.  As much as it would be to rush of somewhere else, what about your business? You could go away on a safari trip and explore new places, yet until you do the inner work nothing will change, all change happens from within, so yes it will bring some relief, yet your unhappy relationship will still be there waiting for you. Do you really see running away for a holiday as making it all better in the long term?

You could spend a high price ticket on on-on one coaching, which is yes very powerful, yet it may be an information overload, too fast to integrate the new teachings, reflective insights and inner wisdom will be limited to what you can remember from the sessions. The power of community is powerful, as not only as you shifting, growing, others on the course are too. To hear other’s experiences, reflective insights and an openness to share within a vulnerable space is magical and invaluable.  Not only that, the videos you can access over and over again, so as your learn and hear new teachings, another piece of the puzzle is revealed. This is work is from years of integration, coaching clients is showered with inner diamond wisdom.

You could seek relationship counselling which will point the finger at the other and you can spend up to $250/per session where nothing happens, except hear one another complaining about what is wrong.  It is focused on problems with one another. Relationship always comes back to you. Imagine going every 2 weeks and still having no resolution. There is nothing more disempowering and emotionally destructive than hearing one another complaining about the wrongness of the situation. This is by far a more proactive approach. You can try positive thinking that will tell you to put a smile on your face. I won’t, I will teach you to be real with your emotions and to take a beautiful journey back to the self and how to take back your power.

Positive thinking is like the ‘band aid approach to personal development and one the cracks start to appear, the smile wears thin! It is a surface level approach and it is the reality that many people are living within and its living a lie from your truth.

Ready to unleash your potent masculine blueprint?

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