Forbidden Attraction or Honest Desires?

How many times have you found yourself drawn to another soul, when you have been told it is wrong? There is a magnetic allure, that overpowers all rationality, and strength of will? There is a hypnotic pull of desires, where two souls drawn to one another, feeding off one another, carving out moments captured in time, losing themselves deep in one another.




How many times have you turned away?


Yet inside your burning with desire?



An insatiable curiosity to touch his/her primal edges, be ravished by his lust, seduced by one another’s gaze, souls love mist, a hypnotic haze, intoxicated in desire?




Feeling giddy yet?


We have all been here.
As men and women.


Magnetic attraction


Forbidden desires.


Boardroom to bedroom


And all in-between!



The taste of their lips, smell of their skin, thirst for their passion, and attraction beckons your soul deeper within. A primal response. It is there, or it is not. Hot or cold it flips and there is no in-between. Soul interactions that take your breath away, drinking in kisses like oxygen for the soul. Magnetic pulses felt from afar, as energy knows no time and space. To spring a man into high levels of arousal touching his mind-heart and lingam all in the same breath. To stir the feminine, so she opens with ease. This is a gift i’ve grown into, a blessing for humanity and igniting the passions within souls, to wake up thriving, rather than;



Existing as a disease, a medicority life…




The Forbidden fruit, becomes the desired nectar.


The Attraction, symbolizes a perfect reflection.


Two intentions of focused attention.


Possibly lost, seeking to escape.


Forbidden desires.


Allow me to open the door.




Limitless is natural, confinement involves effort, our energy can never be controlled.




Effort begins within. The ability to build inner strength and will, takes a high level of consciousness. This is not about being deceitful, this is abut being vulnerable, honest and open with the one you love, and that firstly begins with your own soul. What I have come to learn about love is, it if free and it can never be owned or contained. To truly love another is a willingness to let go of all control and trust them in what is in best interest of theor own soul development.  When souls align to the commitment of their highest soul desires, then life becomes more free.


Everthig in life is choice, consequences and navigating the playing field of life amongst the karmic flow of lessons. When one is clear on intention and a willingness to step up with responsibility for self, then there is less suffering. 


How many are truly willing to expose their deepest truths, it is rare.


It takes courage, vulnerability, and a willingness to lose all humility and be seen as imperfect. To own your inner desires, act responsibly and act with awareness takes a level of consciousness. This can be a challenge when dancing within the depths of primal desires, for all primal sensual souls this can be the most challenging yet. As a woman who embodies her sensuality as a normal flvour and expression of her soul, I see souls as energy. Yes, the physical stirs primal desires initially, and it goes way deeper than that, where souls dive deep into the depts of theor souls. There is a dance within the ocean of bliss, and haste and mindless thrusting no longer stirs the souls taste. 



The contours of a woman’s body stirs deep desires within most women. The raw feminine vulnerability and softness of the flesh. Many are unaware, as they have pushed these aside, yet behind closed doors will fantasies of the touch of a woman. The taste of a woman opened a deeper appreciation of the diivne soul within, and the unique beauty within us all. 




Imagine being able to feel free that you hide nothing. To be fearlessly open to freely express all your desires with your partner. A place to express from a place of self-love and be met by another, feel heard, accepted, and respected no matter what. This is why I love working with couples so much, I am there as the facilitator, it is always about the woman, so she feels heard and supported. To be the glue that brings them back together, to deepen theor intimate connection of trust and honesty. To support the process as he holds space so she can soften into her raw essence, and release the layers deep within the tissues, this requires a man to hold her with potent masculine presence. I am the muse to ignite the fire within. 



The light that ignites the flame within…




Society building walls, solid bricks cemented in fear. Keeps others hostage shackled in guilt. Playing games, seeking power and a toxic ocean polluting the soul, all in the need for power.  Humanity is thriving on rage. Sexual repression, blind manipulation. For a rare few their soul calling is chosen for them and the revealed. I questioned it many times. I took time to digest as the nervous systm takes time to adapt. It taks courage to embrace a non-conforming path, and once it is full embodied with a YES, then the passion and energy that is birthed is ever flowing. 




Rather than pointing the finger, look in the mirror and gaze lovingly at yourself, hey, what do you see? Are you truly expressing and experiencing your sensual desires or do you see it as the forbidden fruit. 




The biggest critic is deep within…




I feel honoured to open a magical space, so others are seen with love, compassion, and is welcome as I meet them at the door. Eye to eye, the door to their heart, for many so lost and the soul forgotten, held shut tight, held hostage in blame and protected in a cloak of shame.




Within my gaze, they begin to open, a natural free flow to own their sexual desires, and to honour what was hiden behind doors. To release the shame.




Both men and women, share emotions that are ignored, desires maimed, fantasies made wrong, by the one they so adore. You can picture the frame, of their pain.



Am I talking to you?




Here is the raw and no fucking hiding raw deal, the more it is suppressed, the greater the demons within will roar. Eating their soul and burning their heart alive. Guilt and blame rages wildly at the door. Together we invite it in.




The creative muse, sensual alchemist, a bridge to raise the conscious vibe.




What if;


The forbidden attraction was an alchemy of soul unification?




As natural as day and night, yin and yang, sun and moon. So why, is there a separation between black and white? Why, is it still frowned upon for a white woman to desire the arms of a black man. Why, is a black man or woman seen as different.




All these are aspects of the one.


The only true diversity and separation- awaits your return within.






 Igniting one flame at a time, so they never dim again!




Zoe x

















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