Do you feel like you are ready for a deeper level of ‘Sizzling’ connection, with powerful presence in all aspects your life. Are you ready to unleash an inner prowess that is bubbling under your skin? 


Then you are in the right place, as I will teach you how to access an invisible magical potion and self-generating super-power that many are unaware how to tap into, let alone know how to awaken and apply this! This is an inside job, and goes far beyond the physical, of what you see.


I get it, you are an attentive mother, loyal partner, successful woman, yet your there is something holding you back from unleashing that wild, side in the bedroom, re-claiming your voice, and being independent in all aspects of your life, as you want it all.  And yes, you deserve it.  As a woman you are ready to level up and shift into to the next level, of confidence and sensual KAPOW!! It is time to turn heads with empowered presence and to start creating clear boundaries that others listen to. This is what men secretly desire, a woman that has embodied and healed her inner masculine. This is a woman that knows her worth, and will not compromise or settle for anything less. She is grounded, centred and connected to her sexual energy. Some men and women feel she is dangerous, as they are yet to understand her mysterious depths of wisdom, sensitivity as she can fearlessly open the door into the depths of their own soul. 


You may be acknowledged and heard by your partner and those you work with, yet, you feel there is a deeper aspect inside that you are not honouring. This can feel scary and exciting as you feel on the edge of something big. There is a kingdom within you, where your inner ROAR of wildness, and potent magnetism is hungry to be unleashed. It is nudging you to express your deepest desires, yet, there is something getting in the way. At the end of each day, after being there for everyone else, there is zero time for you. You may feel there is an aspect of your wild-free spirit has been lost, forgotten, and you feel imprisoned in your own body. There is a wall of numbness, with aspects of rawness/pain that you wish to heal. You wish to have more confidence, and place your needs before everyone else. It is time to know how to utilise your feminine influence whilst COMMANDING what you desire, as a BOSS-LADY. This requires addressing the wounds of the INNER MASCULINE that have been suppressed, made wrong to unveil  your FEMININE yumminess! 

You realise that you at not the limber and athletic women you were in your twenties’, and you feel undesired when you catch a glimpse of your body in the mirror. Your husband/partner is attentive, complimentary and loving, yet you wish to feel sexy and confident in your own skin. There is an aspect that you have pushed away as not essential for the attention it so desires, as a sensual being. No matter, your shape and size, body-love and confidence begins on the inside, baby!


Deep down under the layers you feel stuck in a game of comparing yourself to other women and feeling a deep separation within, and you wish to feel fully comfortable and confident in your raw nudity, whilst unleashing that dark side, the girl that was called ‘bad, naughty, and even slut’. This is the primal, the raw inner masculine, and a VITAL aspect of your wholeness. Once these wounds are healed, you will become the embodiment of this evolving woman. One that maintains the softness of the raw feminine in full sensual surrender, and is unafraid of this sexual energy. be the type of woman that men will fight for, wait for, until she is ready to choose. 


For many women we find ourselves here, not speaking up,  putting our families and partners needs and wants’ first and play the compromising game as to not rock the boat. Yet, behind closed doors and on the inside we are screaming out to be honoured as a Queen, deeply desired, heard, seen, and at times wildly ravished with no care how we look with the man we are with. For some this may to attract that ideal relationship into our lives. Be mindful as this  invisible power creates abundance/ of choice!

Many find themselves compromising in the business arena to be flexible to others demands, and yet leaving their own needs to last. It is time to set some strong boundaries and raise the bar, as a Queen! This emerging Queen is strong and direct as she is also soft and loving communicating from the vulnerable depths of her heart. This not speaking up for needs and desires, may comes from;



The deep-rooted fears of; I am not good enough and/or, am I still desirable?


For most souls there is a protective exterior shell that has been created to hide emotions of the heart, and this raw vulnerability is not getting accessed. This feminine raw essence is delicious and men are mesmerised to it like a magnet. We may have been shamed by our sisters in the past simply by embracing our deep feminine powers of sensuality. It is time to be done with this old BS of nonsense, as they to do not yet know of their own invisible power. All women crave this, some fear it, some run from it, many deny it and others scold it.  


Raw feminine essence in society has become covered with a protective masculine exterior, and the energetic frequency is masculinised where “slut-shamming” became the ‘IN” conversations amongst women. Sadly, this is still prevalent in schools with 13 year olds. There is an invisible power struggle within where to bring your raw femininity into the working space was frowned up. If you did it was seen as a sexy secretary, the office slut and one that wasn’t taken professionally seriously, as it would make many men go giddy. This separation within the female psyche is where women who were attractive and connected to their feminine sensuality and who they saw their men looking at, were frowned upon and seen as ‘them over there’. It is time to HEAL the inner wounds, that you may be unaware of. I will be honest, men are not there to make you feel better, pick up the pieces when you fall apart, and hear you complaining about your life or body. It is time to RISE into the powerful and whole woman you came here to express. 



To be commanding powerful magnetic presence in the workspace and in the bedroom is a force to be reckoned with. It is free and can never be controlled, manipulated and has a force all of it’s own, and “This is a secret weapon’ is business and intimate relating, yet, minus any form of jealousy, competition or manipulation, to get what you want.  Bring this into relationship and get ready for deeper levels of soul connection, and a collaboration and unification within the feminine sisterhood.


It may also be the case where we have felt so invisible and shamed by our fellow sisters, the judgement of our choices that numbness and complacency sets in, of not expressing our truth, this may have begun in our teenage years. This builds upon the protective armour and we start to withdraw even deeper, and then begin shaming our bodies and own skin.  Sexual intimacy stays at a safe level and our inner voice is being unheard, feeling left unsatisfied, numb and disconnected following rare moments of pleasure and that all soul awakening deep passionate fuck of that darkness getting expressed fearlessly. maybe this was after a loose night of drinking alcohol and having no care in the world?  Your partner tells you that you are delicious and sexy and yet you don’t feel it on the inside.  When you want to unleash it you may feel silly, like it is performance, and maybe becoming more numb on the inside and wondering how to access it.  I am here to teach you how to become a Master of self-love, with no need for outside approval from others. 


Your life may look picture perfect from the outside, yet on the inside, its lonely.


Clients I have worked with in the past have felt challenged with all of the above, so you are not alone. Sadly, some men can feel threatened by a woman that commands her powerful feminine presence in the life and doesn’t give a shit what others are saying behind her back, or eve to her face. She sees all with love and kindness as this is a divine reflection of their own un-loved and raw wounds.  There is a mismatch of energy and the only place to feel powerful is within the family home, so this is about the men learning how to meet you when you are in your raw sensual essence, and to honour your completeness of you.  


The more a women opens up to into her raw vulnerability, the more a man will meet her where she is at, an opportunity for both to soften back into self, to be seen, heard, honoured and respected. Both inn full expression, like when you first met, with your best aspects of personality on show! This is about learning how to dance between the masculine and the feminine energetic forces within. To know when to drive forward with action ( the masculine) , and when to return into the depths of creativity and stillness( The feminine). This mastery of energy will create the realities we wish to desire, or create the unwanted, by not understanding how to tap into this invisible power. This is the key to abundance, manifestation ,harmony, happiness and ecstatic bliss, all from within YOU!



As a woman opens, so the man steps into his protective and loving masculine presence, and as a woman lets down the protective guard, he begins to see the beautiful rose that is within. Fearless, shameless and in her full vulnerability. This is where her heart begins to open into deeper levels of love. 


Some of my clients had given up hope in re-kindling the relationship with their own bodies, their partner and most vital to give attention to their wholeness as a uniquely mystical woman. As her divine essence is a gift to be unwrapped, over time and with the highest level of deep reverence and honour. The most beautiful relationship is with self, as no matter the outcome we come more and more into alignment with our unique truth as a both a multi-tasking, super-woman, sensual and magnetic woman, who knows what she desires and needs in life and is unafraid to express it.  The embodiment of this, is what will HEAL our Mother Earth, raise the level of consciousness and pave the way the way, for healthy, conscious intimate relationships, which is vital as our children and teenagers follow their own unique path as souls. 


Some clients have built up the inner confidence to follow their growing and evolving path which aligns with the upgraded high-end woman, where she may chose to leave an unhealthy and stagnated relationship. This may have become toxic, yet, has been the perfect contrast to reveal her inner truth. The pathway is about the beautiful relationship with self and trusting in the messages from within the heart, and inner knowing as the guidance system.


It is beautiful to witness clients who have revealed their inner truth as a sensual soul of wholeness, and who have tapped into their magnetic presence as a woman.  The ‘Potent feminine’ is a powerful expression and is the essence that turn heads when she walks into a room, simply and profoundly with her simple presence. It is time remember that within our feminine presence there is an feminine magnetism that we all desire to access, men are drawn to it and women crave it!  It can be all yours and that is powerful.


Are you willing and ready to experience the connection and wholeness of you? 



My client Annie was a high-flying executive, running a large successful business yet her relationship with her husband was not as exciting as when they first met. She was ready to throw in the towel an accept that this would be her life, with the thoughts of ‘I should be grateful as really there is nothing to complain about, we have overseas trips and at weekends she was free to socialise’. yet on the inside she was feeling trapped and not knowing where to turn.  After an initial coaching session, with a very ruthless ‘no hiding policy approach’, I challenged Annie.

It was time to wake up to the fact that if this was her business, would she settle for mediocrity? The answer was a big fat NO!  This was the one things that take everything away, was what her heart an soul desired, a beautiful loving relationship with kick-ass passionate intimacy with magical moments shared together. She no longer wished to feel rage about her body. This was BS and getting stuck in complacency was not THRIVING!

The reality was that she had felt switched off from her partner for way over a year, as we dived deeper, it was her recoiling and not speaking up for the same missionary or on top sex-life, which was now once a fortnight, and on his terms. She felt that she had to be the ‘good-wife’, and sexual desire has dropped away big time, and as we explored deeper and we went deep, that she was afraid he would trade her in for a younger model. It was time to shift into a new and upgraded gear, and it each time to claim what she deserved as a woman and stir the dark magic of raw sensuality deep within her veins.   

The approach was ‘un-conventional’ as it was no longer about her husband, she had see herself as the solution to her problem and the attention was straight onto Annie. Being a savvy business diva, she rose to the challenge and commenced the 12-week program. every time she unleashed more of her wholeness, she felt herself grow within.  It was when she started to book time in for herself and do the inner reflective work and come back to her potent self, that her relationship shifted, with self and her husband became mesmerised by her simple presence.

As the weeks progressed Annie started to see that by addressing a limiting belief of unworthiness when it came to love, she was able to shift and re-claim her power as a woman. She saw how she has shamed her changing body, and had stopped expressing her sensuality from when she was a teenager. 

As the weeks went by, more layers were revealed, which is a magical journey of learning deeper aspects of the self, to start to embrace ourselves in a new way of seeing and to honour the body we have been blessed with. Beauty begins on the inside and there is no such thing as perfection. Moments of laughter, confusion and tears were shared and all was welcome. There was no fucking hiding!

It was beautiful to observe a women so strong and fierce, be willing to let go and learn a way of being, to embrace her raw vulnerability, honour her body with deep love, to embrace her completeness. This would be the beginning of an awakened woman, that was opening up more to intimacy with herself and also with her beautiful husband and to never stop believing that when we can shift our perception to what is, we can begin to open new doorways and create a magical relationship beyond our wildest dreams.  She went from feeling invisible to feeling very desired ( he couldn’t get enough) and very much in her power as a sensual and within her fullest expression as a successful woman.

A powerful 12-week journey empowering you to actualise your true Potent Feminine potential, and unleash your invisible magnetism.


Course Outline

Module 1: Owning where you are



We dive straight in and lifting the veil and explore the mystery of the feminine psyche separation, in regard to sensuality and free expression and re-claiming your unique wholeness. Discover ways to feel empowered and break free of things outside of your control. Reclaim your classy-sexy-sass rather than dropping in power ratio by suppressing your raw feminine essence. Releasing & Honouring Trauma/ Grief of the Divine Feminine, and healing the collective.


Week 2: The bondage of the power struggle



Begin to see what is keeping you stuck, while turning the attention inwards, to reveal the unseen. Celebrating the feminine essence and igniting what has been forgotten. A practice of self-nourishment of love and learning how to re-balance. Learning to command what you desire in the bedroom to boardroom and navigating the shifting energies with ease. 


Week 3: The power of the potent feminine


Courageously diving in deep to what is blocking your magnificence. Learn ways to release tension and reset your body. Release, get more connected and feel good. Explore the shadow self and learning to love the skin you are in. Body-love, body-wisdom and ways to unleash and reset the nervous system. KAPOW.. BOOM!

Week 4: Relaxation and concentration


I will be guiding you using a selection of breathing techniques. This accesses a deep state of relaxation, to still the mind, reduce stress and rebalance the energetic forces within the body. This begins to stir the magnetic forces within. Navigate the energetic forces of the masculine and the feminine, and begin to access this invisible magnetic, ooh la la power!

Week 5: The sacred art of letting go


A magical sensual exploration of self-touch, and breath control to access the energetic-feeling state body. Guided audio, of touched sensual massage of the breasts, yoni, and ways to love the body you are in, in the comfort of your own home. Letting go through orgasm and inspired creativity/manifestation. 

Week 6: High vibrational thoughts


We will learn a powerful method to rewire the neural patterns of the mind, and unveil your consistent thoughts. To practice a state of feeling good and in a state of joy, whenever you chose. No matter the environment. This is powerful. Be the cause of your life. Take back your power, be the change in our family, community and life!

Week 7: Breath potentcy


We explore the breath more intimately, inviting a deeper sense of calm, raising your vibration and more powerful meditations. Become more present and in the now with these ancient breathing methods. Learn ways to engage deep energy centres connected to arousal with the psychic awareness of your mind. Every Boss-Lady wishes they had this power of magnetic influence and deep inner calm of presence.. 

Week 8: The fantasy man of your dreams


Wise wisdom on how to stoke the passion in your relationship, life and facing any fear when it comes to sensual desires and fantasies. It is time to manifest the man/woman of your dreams and reignite the passion with your partner, so he/she becomes the lover of your wildest dreams. This will expose the secrets to a man’s passion/happiness and how to reach a state of super
happiness together. This is a time to unleash your upgraded wholeness, and create your fantasies with your partner. 

Week 9: Holding space with raw feminine presence


The best part, bringing all that you have integrated and are beginning to embody into a space of presence to be shared with your beloved. A place to courageously open your heart, access your raw vulnerability, and communicate your new desires with clarity. Then to hold space with unwavering presence for your beloved, or a soul that you can share with in love and trust. Awaken and stir one another into a wild sensual and deeply connecting frenzy- perhaps.

Week 10-12: Integration


The purpose of weeks 10-11 and 12 are ALL about INTEGRATION and bringing weeks 1-9 into relatability into relationship and intimate relating.  These 3 weeks are crucial and vital to supporting one another, moving forward and it is the time to shine your awakened aspects This is where any topic can be explored, to dive in deeper and bring the goals and intentions you set at the beginning into motion. Explore orgasms, sensual self-touch, massage your partners lingam (cock) and explore play with one another.  Maybe this is about taking your business to the next level and setting some big fearless goals. Keep expanding and fearlessly expressing, this is your own integration, you get to play the game of life, your way!


 ✔ 30 min coaching call –  Goals, intentions, accountability

✔ 9-weeks on-line course with the Potent Blueprint

 ✔ Weeks 10-12- Vital for powerful integration & bringing into relationship

✔ Accountability partner by week 3 and beyond.

✔ 3 x 90 min coaching calls one-to one over the 3 months

✔ Workbook Reflective Insights

✔ Star Magic group healing sessions x 6 

 ✔ Star Magic individual Healings with Zoe x 6 each

✔ Access to the secret FB group – “Potent Blueprint” 

✔ Sacred Healing space to ‘Own Your Voice’- 60-75 min/every week 

✔ The Restore & Reset program 

✔ Audio for the Sensual self- massage

✔ 1/2 price DISCOUNT to future retreats with Zoe Bell

✔ A Vedic Meditation Method – Beginners & Advanced Mantras. 

✔ The Limitless Mind- breaking free of the Matrix- Free book

Meet Zoe


I have a philosophy of inspiring transformation, exposing the unseen, teaching the unfelt and leaving you with an experience of love you will always remember.


I believe that one cannot teach authentically what we have not experienced, to each own our nonsense on a day to day basis as we all have our own unique expressions and perspectives.


We all have masks that were there to protect and have served us well, scars are beautiful messengers to unveil our gifts and Soul wisdom. I am an embodiment of the wholeness I am teaching, suffering was my teacher, learning to forget, transcend and transmuting the pain, and here I am.   


There are no accidents that you are here in this time, you are here for a reason, and your soul is guiding you, asking you, challenging you to explore deeper within. Are you ready to accept your Soul Mission? 


Activate Your Feminine Blueprint

This will take you on a journey to step into your wholeness as the Queen you deserve to be.  This will result in feeling more grounded, connected, sane, calmer, happier and with more clarity to where you are at and what you wish to create.

This will nourish your self-esteem and confidence in all aspects of your life, be it, from the Boardroom… to the bedroom! Imagine, the feeling of heads turning at social functions and your partner falling over backwards, and giddy for you? This will build upon your kick-ass worthiness as a LIONESS of your kingdom. A woman that stands fiercely, owning her feminine raw vulnerability unapologetically. This is the ‘new sexy’, not the handbag!  Welcome to your creative sensuality,  a vital aspect of your wholeness, and a key to your POWERFUL SOUL MISSION. Your purpose, is your passion, and emotional depths of your heart is a gift to share with humanity. This is greater than self, it is what is vital to our human evolution. 

It is time to rekindle desire and shift more into an awakened state of love, to fight less and love even more. To shift social norm and the invisible, yet, very toxic divide between the masculine and the feminine energies. This path is the cornerstone to healing the wounds of diversity of separation held within the collective unconsciousness. True unity is within.  

We will begin to see a rising of powerfully open and transparent women, with the empowered version to inspire future generation to never suppress the feminine core again.  

Love is our planets highest vibration and it begins with self-love. Love is the only truth and this is the journey to delayer and heal the limits that have been created over soul lifetimes, it is time to join hands and heal the collective here on planet love/Earth

Ready to unleash your potent feminine blueprint?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my relationship with my partner/husband stays the same and he is unwilling to be open to new suggestions

Be patient and remember what it was like as you began the course. Keep connecting with you, to come back to your most present and fullest version of you and then if he is open guide him towards the potent masculine blueprint.  There is nothing wrong with him it is where he is at and we all start somewhere.

What if my partner is unsupportive of my doing this and says that I am selfish not being there as much for him or our children?

I still don’t understand how it can be related as I have no issue with others at work, yet at home and I feel invisible, it must be a problem with my partner/husband? – It is challenging to view our lives in an objective way when we are in the thick of it. It is easy to make it about the other person and as we take this journey together, your perspective may shift and change as you learn more about self and the old beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

How much time do I have to commit to this? As I am already really busy?

Let me ask you how much you value your happiness and your relationship with YOU? and your partner? Until we book time in, we will never make time, until it is too late. To take time out to work on you is an act of self-love and self-worth as you are adding value to you and to your life. This is a win-win. 

I can see what else I can spend the money on, like a new pair of shoes and things that the kids would love?

To spend money on personal development is lifelong teachings, that will always be there, you can chose what you wish to remember and integrate yet they never wear out, like a pair of shoes. It comes down to the self-belief of worthiness. The shoes create a surface feel good effect, yet the personal development is one of the best investments in self you can make. The question is, how much do you value yourself?

Our relationship has been like this for years and I have gone through the menopause, so I understand why my sex drive is dead and how we have become house mates?

That is nonsense as the 45 + are the prime of our life and you deserve to have a relationship that is deep, romantic and loving. If the spark was there before, it can be re-kindled, yes it takes two, yet it takes only one to make the first move and take inspired action. Until we each step up and be the chance, then nothing will change.

If I am invisible and sexually undesired by my partner, I don’t understand how changing my inner vibration can shift his attraction to me, it cannot surely be that simple?

Think of two magnets, with the charges, place two positive (masculine) charged poles against one another and they will repel, likewise where you have the negative pole (feminine charge) an the positive (masculine charge) they will be magnetised towards one another. Energy does not lie and it is part of the universal law of attraction of cause and effect . The same goes for emotions and the behaviour of one another, you will see happy people gravitating towards one another and if there is an angry person in the mix, the group will scatter.

What are your other options?

I will be honest, you could go away for 6-months, sit on a mountain or live in an ashram, do nothing and yet when you return to your family and husband nothing will have changed or it may be changed in a way that is no longer aligned with what you desire.  As much as it would be to rush of somewhere else, what about your business?

You could go away on a safari trip and explore new places, yet until you do the inner work nothing will change, all change happens from within, so yes it will bring some relief, yet your unhappy relationship will still be there waiting for you. Do you really see running away for a holiday as making it all better in the long term?

You could spend a high price ticket on on-on one coaching, which is yes very powerful, yet it may be an information overload, too fast to integrate the new teachings, reflective insights and inner wisdom will be limited to what you can remember from the sessions. The power of community is powerful, as not only as you shifting, growing, others on the course are too. To hear other’s experiences, reflective insights and an openness to share within a vulnerable space is magical and invaluable.  Not only that, the videos you can access over and over again, so as your learn and hear new teachings, another piece of the puzzle is revealed. This is work is from years of integration, coaching clients is showered with inner diamond wisdom.

You could seek relationship counselling which will point the finger at the other and you can spend up to $250/per session where nothing happens, except hear one another complaining about what is wrong.  It is focussed on problems with one another. Relationship always comes back to you. Imagine going every 2 weeks and still having no resolution. There is nothing more disempowering and emotionally destructive than hearing one another complaining about the wrongness of the situation. This is by far a more proactive approach.

You can try positive thinking that will tell you to put a smile on your face. I won’t, I will teach you to be real with your emotions and to take a beautiful journey back to the self and how to take back your power. Positive thinking is like the ‘band aid approach to personal development and one the cracks start to appear, the smile wears thin! It is a surface level approach and it is the reality that many people are living within and its living a lie from your truth.

Ready to activate your Feminine Blueprint?

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