Reconcile Your Soul

10th & 11th of November, 9am-6pm BOTH days.

SYDNEY get ready and buckle down or up for a magical weekend of JUICY SOUL EXPANSION as we come towards the end of 2018 with a collective electro-magnetic BANG and soul KAPOW!!

A powerful healing weekend over the 10-11th November right in the heart of the CBD. A safe space to drop into, feel supported, held, challenged, and soul nourished with other souls that value raising their energetic frequency here on Earth. Words cannot sum up what the blessings that souls will receive from leaping in fearlessly. It is super charged, all weekend!! 


Let me ask you;

  • Are you trapped in a body-suit of PAIN/discomfort, suffocating on the inside? With a deep sense of disconnection with feeling free to be YOU, or an area of your life ready to shift?
  • Do you find yourself watching others making bold moves, getting their life together, with a sickening twisting feeling in the stomach? Feeling frustrated and a fear of getting left behind?
  • Looking to EMBODY more confidence, fearless self-expression, gain clarity and creativity to CRAFT the life of your design, on your terms of Spiritual-Soul Alignment?
  • Tired of experiencing the same flavour of life lessons, dressed up differently in a clear disguise and ready to shift onto the NEXT LEVEL and experience LOVE?
  • Looking to unlock and stimulate aspects you are yet to discover within?


COMPLIMENTARY GIFT to those who register: one-one-one energy healing facilitation with Zoe post event- Value $222

I would love to share this with you, so be sure to read more and go straight to Eventbrite- ‘Button’ as places are limited. 


Eventbrite - Tribe Awakening of Soul Remembrance - a 2-day Urban Soul Retreat

Lip Service to Stir mutual Desire

5th September, 7-9pm.


It is time to ‘Unleash your Inner Slut’, and stop-drop and moan!


Have you experienced a man pull away and suddenly stop seducing you?

Disappointed with what you receive in bed?

Getting frustrated, as he is watching porn rather then being in bed with you?


Get ready for an eye-opening, sizzling, sexy workshop to evoke mutual desire! So his mind is infused with naughty thoughts about YOU and he can’t get enough. He’ll feel giddy with excitement as intimacy reaches epic levels of intimacy. This will awaken your inner sexy, and it is time to awaken your inner power- heal what has been suppressed- unleash your inner ROAR and take you both to a 10 without even touching one another.

Eventbrite - Lip Service to stir Mutual Desire

Deepening Intimate Relating

12th September, 7-9pm.


A 2-hour infusion of Tantric/Yogic wisdom and soul to soul intentions.

“It is time to reconnect and melt into one pulse!”

* Do you feel that intimate connection has been lost, forgotten, or left until the end of the day?

* Are you disappointed with what you receive in bed and afraid to say what you desire?

Get ready to be held within a safe space to open and begin a deeper journey into your soul. A magical adventure to share with the one you love, or a soul you feel comfortable with.  An invitation to begin to melt away the layers and stir the energetic forces and stoke the flames of passions within. 

Clothes are worn for the event- and conscious relating is honoured with the highest of respect. 


This can be MM, FM, FF… and even friend with friend. Men, women, transgender, gay, straight, bi- all welcome. 

Eventbrite - Deepening Intimate Relating

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