Energy Healing & Breathwork

Rebalance your energy and reclaim your life.


Imagine restoring  your brightness and vibration?

Since childhood i’ve loved hearing of miracles, being drawn to the Mystical realms of healing, and alternative modalities .Little did I know that this would change the path of my life.


With a past 23-year career in Nursing, I was drawn to healing aspect of touch and hence why I was drawn to nursing. Later this progressed to sensual massage, Trauma release and the path of a Reiki Master. It would be a few years after leaving during for good that I would discover StarMagic Healing, and I have never looked back.


From eliminating physical pain over years, from changing my water, mobility drills of an ancient systems of longevity and yoga, I thought I had found the way. Little did I truly know and understand as I began to experience a deep healing facilitation with souls. Energy knows no time and space, and soul were reaching out and expressing that their pain was gone in 10-15 minutes. WOW, even re-aligning souls backs so that they no longer felt pain. Even my children asking to take away physical pains, which has been a huge success in the family home.

I wish for every soul on the planet to experience this.


There are no co-incidences that you are reading this, you are curious, your soul is guiding you, asking you, challenging you to know more. Are you ready to allow the body to heal on a deeper, very gentle and non-logical way?


This will open a door into new possibilities and a way to feel free again.

  • May reduce/ eliminate pain
  • Increase energy
  • Improves sleep
  • Allow energy to release 
  • Calmer and less stressed
  • Restores inner wellness
  • Improves imagination
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Boosts confidence
  • Awakens Soul Codes
  • Re-aligns skeletal structure
  • And so much more…


BREATH WORK & Energy Healing

We all have our own unique expressions and past, and many suffer in silence, and many are carrying around energy that has become blocked in the structure of the bodies tissues. BREATH WORK is a way to allow this unconscious tension to release. During the session a safe and calm space is created so it is easy to drop into and learn how to relax. There are also methods included from my Star magic training, that get the mind out f the way, so the healing can take place on a deep neural level. The session can be tailored to what you are requiring at the time. The session is completed with a resetting and upgrade of energy, as the healing continues post the session.



Energy Healing – $80/session

Breath work with Energy Healing: $100/session 

Sessions go for 60 minutes. 



Here is what souls are saying;

After working with Zoe, these healing powers works like a treat. I highly recommend this wonderful experience. I had upper back problems for many years and since the session, all my pain has disappeared. 

– Robert, Sydney 


During the healing session, I was in a deep state of relaxation. I felt the energy moving up my body and tingling as areas were worked on. I saw many visuals during the session, and even a drive women whom Zoe identified as one of her guides. The next day was profound, synchronicities, a state of light inner being, feelings of pure joy, bliss and unconditional love. I felt like I was walking on air and may creativity was on fire. I was still feeling the effects 2-days later, a general feeling of calm, well-being, gratitude and happiness. Thank you Zoe for a powerful healing session

 – Donovan, Canberra


The day after I felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off me. I was pain-free in all my joints after having pain everyday for the past few months. A feeling of creative energy and generally a sense of joy and high vibes which had not felt for a long time. Then that evening shared a fulfilling intimate evening with my partner. 

– Mulan, Taiwan


The next day I was feeling great, even the days after I was filled with much energy.I think I over dit it working in my garden, over all very energising. I has experienced a previous session where the pain went in my knees and for the first time in a very long time was able to get up and off the floor unassisted. This was freedom.

– Miriam, USA


I was feeling ‘floaty’ in my head but body felt really grounded. After the entity extraction I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness and connection to Zoe. This healing came at exactly the right time when I needed it, love you Zoe.

– Magenta, Australia


After waking up, I felt a beautiful electric current all over me. I still feel it now days after and felt something dissolve in my tummy. Lots of thoughts, images and nothing uncomfortable. I am now less anxious and have slept lots. My heart and soul are overwhelmed by your care and love. Joint extraction with Zoe & Trevor.

– Angela, England. UK



What can you expect?

For the remote energy healing once you have made the booking via the call to action at the bottom of the page, we will chat via Whatsaap/skype and faceTime for 10 minutes, as the healing transmission begins from the moment that contact is made. Then you sit/lie in a quiet place where you can rest undisturbed and the we begin. I say we, as I m assisted throughout the healing process with my guides and other high vibration benevolent beings that present themselves, hence why this is called facilitation. Some may after the healing feel tired as the body has been worked on, so if you can plan to rest after the session then that’s a gift as the Nervous system gets a magical upgrade. I get it, you may be a busy CEO and back into meetings, the healing will still continue throughout the day and the following days. I will check-in to give feedback on the session with follow-up care suggestions to implement to support your onward journey.  This is a magical process that truly has t be experienced to fully understand it’s depth and the process that cannot be conceptualised through words or the mind.

For the Breath work and Energy Healing, this is done in person. Find a time on the schedule and once booked and confirmed then you will receive the address for details. The session will take place in the Inner West of Sydney, Australia.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is in pain, unwell and ready to explore healing alternatives.

The CEO that wishes to increase productivity and focus in their company.
Those who are lost, feeling stuck with an internal disconnection inside.

Anyone, that wishes to release trauma and not go into the story, to allow the body to release what it is ready to release.

Anyone who is seeking their soul mission and wishing to find the clarity within.
Everyone with depression, anxiety and addictions (sex addiction, porn addiction)
Everyone who wishes to be at their full potential..

Anyone still struggling with the ‘Pain-body’ and the trauma.

Everyone who wishes to radically change their life to the richer.

Who is this NOT for?

 Those who are not willing to invest in themselves

Those that are looking to be ‘spoon-fed’

Those not willing to make upgraded changes in their life

Those who are happy living as the victim.

Time wasters, I value my time and the souls I work with.

When the a soul is asking, the facilitator(s) will appear, and likewise when the healing is required the opportunity will arise. It begin from being willing to ask. The Universe hears it all beautiful souls.

There is a guided meditations to take a soul deeper into the realms of imagination with the StarMagic healings.

I believe anyone can change and rewire their thinking, stimulate their imagination, as mine was shut down. I had black holes in the right-hand side of my brain, as a result of much trauma. 

It takes one person to believe in you, to see you trough new eyes and to taken through a powerful healing process where you can take back your power, never get walked over again and re-claim your life! Energy is felt.

I’ve been there, eaten the dirt and am a product of the product, so I see and feel it all, and this am grateful to be aligned with this gift and path. If this is resonating with the cells in your body then take action on booking your healing faciliation NOW. It is time to take back your power!



Being accredited as a StarMagic facilitator does not replace medical advice and that you should always seek medical advice on any medical complaint.

I cannot diagnose any medical condition. You may be asked to go and have a GP check up to confirm diagnoses and to rule out exactly what is being presented at the time.

Ready to unleash your raw power?

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