Boardroom to Bedroom

Expectation with Integrity from boardroom to bedroom


No matter the environment, be it the boardroom or the bedroom, integrity is always watching. Integrity determines the consciousness of our actions, or our nonsense reactions with the potential to create a clear, clutter free space!



What is integrity?


According to the google dictionary, integrity is defines as:


1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles- ‘a gentleman of complete integrity’


2. the state of being whole and undivided-  ‘upholding territorial and nationality sovereignty’



Most humans have the intention to live with integrity, however their intensions with others isn’t consistent and shows up in their behavior. Most people have an expectation in the others behavior, which will lead to inner turmoil and suffering as we can only be responsible for our own actions and choices.


Welcome to being human. As a human, collectively imperfectly perfect to learn the lessons we need, to seek to understand self, our morals, honor and sincerity and to be truthful in our quest for completeness. To live with integrity, begins from this stance.  As we go through these experiences we’ll encounter enablers, blockers, stabilizers and immobilizers.


To live with integrity takes courage, sacrifice, sincerity, trust, humility, honesty, self-forgiveness, compassion and self-love. Moment to moment action is required to live within a space of integrity, own your shit immediately when your actions don’t match you, your worthiness or even when addressing conversations not aligned with your highest truth. High levels of integrity cultivate a high expectation of living and experiencing an extra-ordinary life of success, in business and intimate relating.


It takes scrupulous action to have honest conversations to seek clarity and cohesion when expressing truthfulness. This may lead to a pause, or a relationship may end. Integrity is the glue that brings others together in unification. It is the stable foundation to build lasting relationships.  When other parties are speaking a different language, blame, shame and guilt can get involved, and expose buried unworthiness.



The question is, are we living with integrity behind closed doors, in all aspects of our lives?



To live and act in integrity is being willing for others to see behind the scenes of our lives, actions, texts, choices we make and not the surface “nice” parts we show to others. Is there a façade that we are holding up, so others cannot see beneath the Veil? This is not about disrespecting anyone’s privacy. It is a matter of returning to self, to see where in our lives we can raise the bar. It’s important to determine if we are being true to ourselves, and our feelings, while owning our worthiness and shining the torch on those aspects we hide from others?



Are we really being real with ourselves and our Soul?


When something is playing on your mind with guilt and shame, you are out of integrity.


When you are shaming self or another, you are out of integrity, as your integrity is up for grabs.


When you are not expressing your hearts truth, you are out of integrity.


When you are not being heard and saying nothing to address the deaf ears your words fall upon, you are out of integrity.


When you press the snooze button and miss your morning run, you are out of integrity.




;The question is;

Do you desire to be successful?


Do you wish to form and build lasting relationships in the boardroom?


Do you intend to experience extra-ordinary intimate relationship in the bedroom, with the soul-match of your dreams?

Hell yeah!



Imagine feeling so complete, free of shame, blame and guilt and totally free in all your choices? Imagine feeling an overflowing of love, creative abundance, joy, and happiness knowing that others thrive being around you, are inspired by you, and the energy exchange is reciprocal?


Energy is vital and when energy is shared, advice given, intimate connection enjoyed, or a powerful conversation of the naked, raw and real truth is explored, and met by another soul owning their completeness, ‘tis a magical event indeed.



To ignore an electromagnetic pull to another soul is your soul speaking your truth with integrity. Listen to it with honor, express it to the other, that is integrity.



This type of raw connection makes you feel alive, free, and free of expectation.  This enables you to be totally present with one another, hide nothing and both come from a place of honesty. In a deep emotional connection, expectation may creep in as emotions run deep, boundaries may shift as the heart opens, and a desire to live openly with one another.


This shift requires being in integrity with all parties involved, build upon the foundation of love, and creating extra-ordinary relationship. Whist we share experiences with others.




The journey of integrity has to be walked alone. This journey it is about choices and consequences and the karmic playing field that those choices create. It is our journey where our life lessons heal and we learn not to be walked over by another, to honor self.





Upon return seeking deeper into your soul, ask these questions;


What do I desire in my life?


Do I intend to experience mind-blowing, inspired, and extra-ordinary relationships?


Do I settle for mediocrity and complacency, leaving my own desires and dreams to last?


Hell No!



To raise the bar of our worth, new boundaries are established, and we commit to all that which is our self.  This means being willing to get uncomfortable that as you shift, others may not shift with your choices. They go the other way, that is okay too. It is important to remember in business this will transpire, and sometimes it causes doubt of your value, confidence and a separation in self. Business not built and founded upon integrity will soon crumble, sadly many humans’ places value on success over personal relationships.


This choice comes from a mentality of lack, and it is time to raise the bar.


This happens to well-meaning or unknowing everyone, creative artists, friends, including fellow coaches whom seek our advice, a special mates rate/deal, for free without any offer to reciprocate. Wow, it’s hard to demonstrate and express value all the time.



A fair exchange of energy, that sounds like a no in my book.



Many that are unaware of an unconscious mental mindset of lack, are looking for the next free deal, then they are gone, onto the next free deal! Even worse, some have sought advice, outsourced elsewhere, wasted money with an outcome not of their liking, to then come back, for critical mass repair, still with an expectation for free services.



To allow this disrespectful behavior over and over is not honoring self, nor does it help others evolve. Inherently there is no ownership, responsibility and their unrealistic expectation will be a great message and lesson if they chose. So, they take longer to learn the lessons of life. So, what. They will learn another way and it will go around in a circle whist their willingness to act with integrity and honesty, or not will determine their level of success.



Doing work for free does not value your own integrity and worthiness!



Sometimes clients have commit to do something and never follow through. I have no expectation with clients, as it’s enabling to them. Likely, it is how they live their entire lives. I am certain that their integrity is not high enough on their list. Expectations lead to our own inner suffering and inevitable disappointment.



The bigger questions are;


When do we draw that line in the sand?


What does that boundary look like? Boundaries serve to protect everything, so determining the boundary is vital.


When to shift from being a friend and moving into a paid session/contract?



Moving forward requires setting clear boundaries, holding space to create the possibility to them make a commitment to going deeper. It is also important to see best choices in services, not under sold yourself and learn to give less until they are willing to raise the bar. This is an ongoing process that takes strength and if they respect your truth, will step up.


The only expectation is our own level of integrity, and being willing to express courageously how that looks to those we love, so there is transparency from all parties. This is powerful and a vital foundation for lasting love.



All we can be is walk our own truth, with what we know and understand at the time. To seek to understand what we do not know, to learn from our past choices, communicate clearly what is within our hearts and to step up immediately with ownership when we feel we have lost integrity. As human beings, walking this path takes courage, a high regard for self-love and the willingness to forgive self and others in a heartbeat. We may lose friendships as we fall, stumble as imperfect expressions of being human, however each time we fall, we get back up stronger, hopefully wiser, and continue this journey back to self with love.



Integrity begins and ends with self. We are all learning, growing and exploring this magical life together. Our actions effect those around us, and determines our success or failings.


The only expectation is owning our integrity and live life with as much integrity as one can. This involves choosing wisely whom we spend time with and communicate situations that are out of your idea of alignment with love, trust and honesty.



Alignment means a willingness;

  • To express the truth
  • To be honest
  • To behave with vulnerable at times.
  • To be humble, drop the ego and find humility.
  • To give reverence
  • To understand self and others
  • To communicate your desires and soul truth.
  • To listen with non-judgement to the other.
  • To live with Integrity, in each breath and moment to moment.
  • To admit your misalignment and adjust so you can lead your relationships of life.



As you step into a new arena of living your highest version, there may be friends that were once in your life, who slip away. Are you willing to swim? Can you be the small fish and keep stepping up and challenge yourself to expand? This ownership of worth may be seen as too confident, too big for your shoes, yet, if you chose to jump into the ocean of bigger fish and wear bigger shoes, then you must be willing to create space for the new!


I know now that once I’ve tasted this, there was no other way to be, as to be without integrity begins with self. I will stand for self and those who are willing to make a stand for their highest aspect, include the following; a faithful partner, friend and business partner.


“I’ll be the omnipresent soul reminding you to get back up and make a stand for your truth. This belief you are worthy to share your truth begins and ends with you, but know I’ll be standing by cheering you on all the while.”



Love and infinite blessings,
















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