As soon as the word ‘Ninja’ was mentioned, you sat upright and began to bring your body into a more powerful stance, I know it!  How did I know that? Because I am a Ninja, and it is exactly what m own body naturally did. Hey, I am a Jedi and today I wanted to be a Ninja, as shhhhhhh…… keep a secret they employ the same methods.

This is the work that gets done behind closed doors, the silent one who moves and acts without being seen, yet the impact is unforgettable and it is done with peace and calm. Do you think you can handle that?


1. Get grounded

In order to shift, you have to feel safe and that is to get grounded and connected with the earth. This may be kicking your shoes off and getting your bare feet onto the grass, sand and even better into salt water. Jumping up and down on the spot, and dancing will also ground your energy down. This is key in building a strong foundation for change!


2. Breathe- a doorway into presence. 

Your breath is affected by emotions and simply by changing your breath, the emotions will shift with ease.  It is your breath that connects you to everything within and without you, it connects to space and it the vehicle to move the ‘life-force’ through every cell of our being. Most people breathe with the upper chest, when we are stressed and upset the breath is shallow (upper chest) as we learn to relax, and re-train ourselves to breath, the breath reaches deeper into our lungs and into the belly.

  • Focus more on breathing out, as once we can fully empty out the lungs breathing out, then the inhale will naturally happen, with no force. This is known as the vacuum effect.
  • Begin with a big sigh as you exhale with an open mouth, this will relax the diaphragm, one of the muscles used for breathing.  Repeat 3x.
  • Many people are no effective in breathing, it’s exhausting to watch a mouth breather once you have retrained to breathe in and out through your nose. Become aware of how you breath and more and more breathe in and out of the nostrils, that way the breath is warmed and you will begin to feel more calm.


3. Own it like the Boss of your life – what needs to shift?

No matter which way you pull it apart, it is all a reflection of what is not being honoured, heard or loved from within. We have to be the change, and like a Boss that means owning our reality with loving kindness and compassion for all.

Stop blaming your kids, your partner or your boss.  To own it is refreshing and is a start to begin taking back your power.


4. Ruthless responsibility – what have been your consistent thoughts?

No hiding, be open, raw and truthful, we get what we think about most of the time. Do you focus upon the glass over-flowing or being ½ empty?

Is the water in the glass cloudy and murky? Or is it so clear you can see to the bottom

This represents your thoughts the business of your mind or the still waters of inner calm. Its obvious when you look deeper within.  Meditation is a powerful tool.


5. ACTION steps – Book time in for you- everyday

  • Go for a walk at lunch in nature/a park
  • Start to meditate/relax for 20 minutes/day
  • Move your body- be smart and have fun!
  • Take up a hobby that you enjoy- a passion.


6. Observe you from the outside – Are you looking after you?

Keep a check on your progress, it is what you do everyday, NOT a weekend thing! Slow down and be present when taking a shower, cleansing your body, so do with more wakened awareness.


7. Do you feel worthy of love, happiness and success?

The above will all be ways to ‘feel good’, to give some nourishment to you, to fill up on self-love. If there is resistance to booking time in for you and you put others before yourself, then take a big look at this;

“Why do I value others more then myself?”

How can I shift that….. hmmm…. Go back to the top of the points 1-6 and BEGIN today.

Any change begins with a shift in awareness and then taking daily action on the little things that make us feel good. The point is, the better we feel, then the clearer our perception to what we see is and the wiser we are within our choices.

This will propel you forward like a Ninja Boss and those moments of emotional despair will become few and far between and when they do you will have the deadly action steps to pick yourself up and shift it into your greatest ally of growth and inner transformation.


Here to inspire change with ease,

At your service,


The Jedi Coach

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