Awaken & Ignite Your Super Human Potential



Awaken and unleash your human potential

Hey, I'm Zoe-Anna,

A fearless warrior, leaping into the unknown. As an energy healing facilitator and three times published author on Amazon, I am here to inspire souls to unleash their super human potential from the inside out. Offering remote energy transmissions, Vedic meditation facilitation to working face to face with trauma release and sensual massage. 
Think of me as the ‘sparky’ of the mind – body and soul!
I am dedicated to guiding souls how to awaken their unique human design, and learn ways how to bio-hack and re-design their inner matrix. A journey of working with both adults and youth, to ignite the magik from within.  
The time is NOW to unleash your unique Soul Mission!

“You are here to express your gifts and share them with humanity”


Hey, I'm Zoe

Higher Priestess and published author on Amazon. A mind/Soul stylist and accredited StarMagic Healing facilitator. From offering remote healings, energy transmissions to working face to face with clients, these are an embodiment of mind, body and the sensual soul.
I am dedicated to inspiring and guiding souls onto their unique journey, eliminating pain and maximising human potential while penetrating deep into the heart with unconditional love. It is time to live your Soul Mission!

“To inspire your greatness from expressing your gifts”


Stroke Your Soul’s Potential

Mind Transcendece Meditation

A Key principle to access your full human potential

Sensual Massage- Yoni & Lingam

Touch is healing for the soul, and a doorway to the heart

Online Journeys

Ignite your Magik and sensual empowerment

Energy Healing & Breathwork

Powerful sessions to rebalance your health, trauma release and deeper relaxation

Mind Transcendence

Learn the foundations of Vedic meditation, and 18 sutras to access your creative realm of unlimited imagination. This is the ‘mind-hack’ of the greats and awakens magnetic attraction, commands presence, ignites manifesting potentiality and human expansion is s given. Everything is mind and this is the ‘secret key’ to break free of the matrix!


Intimate Experiences

Tantalising testimonials from transformed clients


Intimate Experiences

Tantalising testimonials from transformed clients



RAW: A Key To A Womans Heart & Soul

Get ready to go deeper into the chasms of your heart and soul with words that touch and tease, leaving you raw and wanting more. Zoe shares a personal journey of fearless and shameless vulnerability, with the intention to open the door for others to courageously step through.


Trusting and Leaping into the Unknown

Welcome to a theme of 2019, trusting and leaping into the unknown! “The Unknown is the new sexy black dress” It is the dark and mysterious sexy, drawing you closer towards your destiny, of YOU. It is time to take that leap of faith and do it anyway. So, many sit on...

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What a successful man desires!

  I am different to most women, you will not find me in a group of women, more so within a group of men. Why? I enjoy the level of conversation and any sign of whining and bitches turns me off. Even from my teenage years, I found male company easy and relaxed. Many...

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Ready to unleash your raw power?

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